– Delivers unbiased end-to-end digital testing capabilities to colleges, universities and professional associations –
– Capital investment by U.K. private equity firm, CGE Partners, drives U.S. expansion –

As colleges and universities in the United States deliver instruction through ‘hybrid’ learning platforms, teachers need better, more equitable ways to assess how deeply students understand the material. In essence, digital learning requires more effective digital tests and exams.

Enter Inspera, the leading global, digital assessment platform that provides higher education institutions with a streamlined and customizable way to design, deploy, grade, and proctor tests and exams. Founded in Norway in 1999, this end-to-end SaaS digital examination solution counts major institutions as clients. Today, Inspera announced it is expanding to the United States following a significant investment from private equity firm, CGE Partners.

Industry veteran and former Follett Higher Education President, Roe J. McFarlane, will lead Inspera U.S. as U.S. President & CEO. “Based on my experience in the EdTech industry, I see the multi-pronged opportunity Inspera brings to U.S. higher education,” he noted. “We can address an ongoing pain point for higher-ed institutions: how to evolve beyond the traditional ‘pen and paper’ exam experience to use advanced digital tools to make the entire knowledge-testing process more engaging, relevant and unbiased for students, professors and the institution at large.”

Other solutions available in the marketplace today typically tackle only one aspect of the examination process, e.g., providing exam-proctoring software.

“The digital transformation of the entire examination journey—from the development of exam questions to sharing feedback on results—means better alignment between faculty and students, fairness in grading, transparency and broader access to online and offline digital testing experiences, independent of time, place and device,” said Michael Ioakimides, Board Chair of Inspera. “It’s critically important we provide faculty and administrators a seamless, end-to-end exam solution, reducing both friction and complexity.”

“The impact of Covid-19 on higher education has highlighted the critical need to balance flexibility in teaching and learning with flexible assessment,” said Bjorn Rustberggaard, Founder and Global CEO of Inspera. “We have been empowering schools, universities and professional associations across the globe to adopt holistic e-assessment solutions.”

Inspera currently services a strong international customer base with many prominent higher education institutions in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavia. For example, Inspera has partnered with a prestigious U.K. university for the past five years to run 70 university exams, including 100 formative assessments and 20,000 student submissions, with an average of 100 questions per assessment. The platform incorporates a wide variety of question types, including images, equations, audio and video. Academic staff have responded positively to both the functionality and examination design, and the Inspera team has continued to advance the learning analytics tools for data available in the platform.

Inspera worked with leading executive EdTech recruiters Todd Hand & Peggy Williams from Knowledge Leaders Group  to place the president & CEO of Inspera, USA.

About Inspera

Inspera was created to provide test-takers with equal opportunities to prove their skills in an authentic and fully digital manner. Inspera empowers colleges and universities to deliver secure assessments, standardized tests, open and closed book exams, as well as formative and diagnostics tests, either on-site or fully remotely. The company’s unique end-to-end platform and remote proctoring services are enhanced by customer service support that ensures successful institution-wide adoption and rollout. Founded in 1999, Inspera is on a mission to improve education on a global scale. www.inspera.com/us

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