Raleigh, NC and Oslo, Norway

Preferred partnership will make a seamless and secure digital exam and proctoring experience more accessible to institutions and students

VitalSource® and Inspera, two of the world’s leading higher education technology providers, today announced a partnership to expand access to digital testing solutions. Inspera’s cloud-based digital examination platform enables educators to seamlessly and securely plan, design, deliver, and mark exams, and offers non-biased grading tools to ensure that all students have the same opportunity to showcase their knowledge.  Joining VitalSource’s catalog of industry-best tools, Inspera’s innovative digital testing and proctoring platform will now be accessible to more faculty to deliver increased exam integrity and provide students with a user-friendly and distraction-free online exam experience.

“Inspera is a complementary service to VitalSource’s suite of best-in-class tools and the company shares our mission to support student learning and success,” said Mike Hale, Ph.D., Chief Content and Learning Officer for VitalSource. “With Inspera, institutions can take the natural next step from digital-first course materials solutions to a fully comprehensive digital experience.”

Founded in 1999 in Oslo, Norway, Inspera provides its digital assessment and proctoring solutions to world-class institutions like The University of Oslo, The University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, and The University of New South Wales. The company’s flexible, modular solution securely facilitates a wide variety of digital examination formats, including in-person, remote or hybrid examinations, continuously assessed coursework, and open or closed-book assessments. In 2022, the company facilitated exams to more than 4 million test-takers around the world.

“This partnership gives institutions, and more importantly faculty, an efficient and unbiased opportunity to allow students to prove their mastery of a subject,” said Roe J. McFarlane, President and CEO of Inspera Americas. “Inspera’s platform supports formative, summative and authentic assessments making it the natural choice by institutions looking to standardize the exam experience.”

Inspera’s technology streamlines the entire exam process, allowing faculty, administration, graders, students, and staff to collaborate on one easy-to-use platform. It is publisher-agnostic and encourages faculty to leverage content from a diverse set of course materials for a more comprehensive exam experience. The Inspera solution enables double-blind grading, proprietary secure browser capabilities, and ethical proctoring technology to up-hold exam integrity for students and promote fairness from instructors.

“With both companies focused on global reach, serving the education market, and digitizing learning, we expect the partnership to yield great things for customers,” commented Andrew Cons, Global CEO of Inspera AS. “We share many of the same core priorities, including innovation, fairness and equity, making working together all the more powerful.”

VitalSource is the leading education technology solutions provider, serving more than eighteen million users and thousands of institutions globally in the last year. In 2022, the company released Bookshelf CoachMe®, an innovative tool that adds practice questions and knowledge checks within digital texts. In February 2023, VitalSource launched VerbaOne®, a revolutionary course materials program to help independent campus stores operate Equitable Access (EA).

About VitalSource

VitalSource Technologies, LLC is the leading education technology solutions provider committed to helping partners create, deliver, and distribute affordable, accessible, and impactful learning experiences worldwide. As a recognized innovator in the digital course materials market, VitalSource is best known for partnering with more than 1,000 publishers and resellers to deliver extraordinary learning experiences to millions of active users globally.

About Inspera

Inspera is a global leader in digital examination solutions, supporting educational institutions, professional organizations, and awarding bodies worldwide. Our cutting-edge platform ensures efficient, effective, and accessible assessments.  More than 147 educational institutions worldwide are using Inspera to digitally deliver standardized tests, open and closed-book exams, final exams, and coursework assessments, on-site or in a hybrid/remote environment. Founded in 1999, Inspera serves active users in 164 countries across five continents. The EdTech company’s end-to-end platform and remote proctoring services, combined with superior customer service, ensure successful institution-wide adoption and implementation. Inspera America’s offices are located in Chicago, IL USA.


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EVP & CMO, Inspera USA, Inc.
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