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Roe J McFarlane

Chief Executive Officer - Americas, Inspera US

Roe J McFarlane, former CEO of Inspera - Americas, is on a mission to make testing a breeze by transitioning from old-school paper exams to cutting-edge digital assessments. Inspera is the go-to global leader in online digital exams and remote proctoring services, serving prestigious clients in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Before his current role, Roe wore the hat of President at Follett Higher Education. His team was about making college life easier for North American students – think improved access and affordability. But McFarlane isn't just about education. He's had some exciting gigs at Redbox Entertainment and RR Donnelley Premedia Technologies, where he was all about shaking things up in entertainment and creating new income streams. He also plays a role on the board of directors for Lumen Learning, a top provider of open educational resources (OER) courseware solutions. McFarlane is originally from Canada and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Business Administration from St. Francis Xavier University. He also proudly earned his MBA in international business and product marketing from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.  

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