Swedish Universities Take on the Future of Digital Exams

Jonas Lindholm
September 9, 2019

On 23rd August 2019 Inspera was happy to host a strategic user forum with our top partner universities of Swedish higher education. At the event the participating institutions were given a platform to meet and share their experiences with the use of Inspera Assessment. 

We gathered in Stockholm, where 20 representatives from 8 Swedish universities spent a full day exchanging insights and discussing future collaborative initiatives to advance the field of digital assessment. With this article, we are happy to share some of the key impressions from the forum.

Investing in educating university staff

In her presentation Linda Jerdenius from Gothenburg University said that whilst they have had success reaching high adoption numbers in terms of digital submissions, some new initiatives are necessary to improve pedagogical development and overall quality in digital exams. This topic was further discussed by Umeå University’s Claire Englund, who had also shared their experiences with Inspera this summer at the Digital Examinations Forum in Bath.

Strategic user forum with Swedish Higher Ed   

Sophiahemmet University reflected on the similar challenges of future work in their presentation, which was delivered by their engaging ICT educator Spiros Lukas. Advancing digital examinations practice beyond operational agenda was clearly of interest to other participating institutions, as the room exploded into a brainstorming session. The participants discussed how they could share resources, and perhaps even share the same content or a platform for exchanging training/support material for Swedish HE institutions.

Technology itself is not enough to guarantee improved quality in the implementation of digital exams, and in order to reap full benefits of the online assessment, institutions should invest in exam authoring training. Technology does have many advantages out of the box, analytics being one of them, but educators need to know how to interpret the results they are presented with, and to make the most of its advantages aimed at achieving more authentic assessment.

Importance of experience

Malmö University began to pilot Inspera Assessment in 2018. When Patrick Dorls from Malmö University shared their story, the other participants nodded in recognition. He shared valuable experiences from their internal discussions regarding safety, procedures, technical infrastructure, goals, and optimistic forecast of the future. All of the participating universities agreed that the process of going through a pilot before full implementation is beneficial for the organisation as a whole. There is simply no substitute for going through the discussions with the vendor, agile discovery of insights, and tweaking workflows that often have been the same for many years.

Reading a report and acting on the summary of findings is never the same thing as going through the experience yourself. This is why Malmö University has come out of the pilot feeling stronger as an organisation, now joining Inspera’s network of the leading Swedish higher education institutions. 

The story continues

Here at Inspera we are very grateful for the opportunity to connect with our Swedish partners, facilitate their collaboration, and for having been part of their joint discussions. It made us realise how far they have come in the implementation of digital exams, and we are proud of their efforts. We are looking forward to continuing the online assessment journey with the universities, and hope to see new faces joining this community of excellence at the upcoming events.


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