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From pen and paper to onscreen marking, the biggest impact is on educators’ time by reducing administrative work. However, there are other benefits of e-marking for learners as well.

How often do you hear an educator you know say something along the lines – “I have so much marking to do this week”? Your answer is likely to be “very often”, because the workload is frequently challenging, even for the best-organised individuals amongst us. With the growing interest in quality and quantity of feedback to learners, in addition to traditional setting of marks and grades – the fact is that boosting marking efficiency is an objective that crosses borders, subjects, curriculums, and educational formats.


E-marking, also known as onscreen marking, is designed as a solution that alleviates the strain on markers’ time posed by marking and associated costs, whilst not compensating at the expense of the learner experience.


Hitting the mark

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Inspera Assessment was created on the belief that online assessment should enable every learner to prove their skills in a fair, valid and reliable way. We are therefore committed to providing a state-of-the-art online marking tool, as one of the key parts of our assessment service.

Here are some of the main benefits of e-marking:


It’s quick!

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  • Automation: Auto-marking features can do the job of checking multiple-choice questions or other question types with pre-defined answers, dramatically reducing the workload for the marker.
  • Feedback: Marking is also feedback and so it should aim to improve learning.Annotations can be private or shared with selected learners or other markers, keeping the focus not only on the qualification but also on the individual learner’s needs.

It’s clear!

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  • Accessibility: No bias in learners’ handwriting and easy readability by markers promotes the inclusion of all students in the same exam process.
  • Double-blind marking: In ‘double-blind’ marking, neither marker is aware of the other’s decision in formulating their own mark.
  • Plagiarism: Built-in anti-plagiarism tools give an instant percentage of the originality estimate, replacing the long procedure of checking handwritten responses.

It’s convenient!

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  • Logistics: No more papers being shifted from place to place cuts down on time-consuming logistical arrangements and allows marking teams to work remotely.
  • Security: Exams submitted from a secure lock-down browser prevent academic dishonesty while online storage of papers and marks eliminates the problem of lost exam papers.

You can read more about our new marking tool on our blog – Inspera’s new grading tool: smarter marking.


Learn more

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Do you want to learn more about how to conduct online exams and assessments, and how Inspera Assessment can make your assessments accessible, secure, valid and reliable? Have a look at our Guide to Online Exams and Assessments.