What is online assessment?

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An online assessment platform supports your organisation’s entire examination cycle on-screen. Online or digital assessment also goes by the names electronic assessment, e-assessment, or computer-based assessment.

Both online assessment and online learning play important roles in growing areas such as adaptive learning, learning analytics and personalised education. With online assessment, learners can apply their knowledge and skills to real-world situations which gives them a more authentic assessment experience.


How widespread is online assessment?

Technology is pervasive in modern-day society, and educational institutions need to transform themselves digitally to adapt and provide services that are fit for the future. In 2019, more than 2 million submissions were delivered using Inspera Assessment with end-users in over 160 countries. This year, the numbers will only rise. 

The COVID-19 crisis has inevitably pushed us further into a digital world and made us reconsider existing business models and ways of teaching, learning and working. Scandinavia has long been a frontrunner when it comes to the use of educational technology, but we now see a rapid adoption of digital assessment at institutions worldwide. 


Is online assessment secure?

The short answer is yes. With the right security measures in place, online assessment is safe and even offers a range of built-in opportunities that traditional means of assessment do not. Security threats exist in similar forms for both digital and analogous examination. In both cases, we want to make sure that students cannot access unauthorized information, or communicate with others during the examination. 

In general, digital examinations may offer more possibilities of cheating, but these possibilities are also more difficult to exploit and easier to detect. With the ongoing development of new and improved security features for both on-site and remote exams researchers conclude that institutions can make use of the unquestioned advantages of digital exams without drawbacks in security.   


Is online assessment difficult to use?

Inspera Assessment is a user-friendly platform with a range of built-in accessibility tools. Teachers can create interactive exams with 25 different question types to choose from, and collaborate seamlessly with other colleagues to provide the best and most efficient process possible. 

Even though the software is easy to use, moving assessment online is still a big change for everyone involved. The implementation of digital assessment is essentially about people, not technology, and an e-assessment project should be anchored within your management and involve all stakeholders from the start. Our consultants are here to help you when you embark on your e-assessment journey.   


What is the impact of online assessment?

Digital assessment is not just about getting rid of the pen, paper, and handwriting. Digital assessment is the bridge between school, work, and active citizenship. It secures alignment between the tools used in everyday teaching and evaluations, and those test-takers will be using in their professional life.

An important aspect of online assessment is the built-in continuous improvement of the assessment practice. When we conduct assessments, we obtain statistical and behavioural data. When we use this information in a smart way, we can become better at designing questions and tests, speed up our learners' path to mastery, and improve the validity of our results.  

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